Our history

HEC Montreal’s Deschênes – Molson – Lesage – Family Business Centre is a symbol of continuity. It continues to pursue a mission undertaken more than 25 years ago by Philippe and Nan-b de Gaspé Beaubien, the Business Families Foundation (BFF). It also continues the work achieved by the Institut québécois pour les familles en affaires, which was created by Jacques Deschênes to support and accompany Quebec-based SMEs, as well as the Centre international des familles en affaires HEC – McGill.

Thanks to the financial contribution of the Deschênes, the Molson and the Lesage families – three exceptional families – the Center fulfils the mission first initiated by the Institut québécois pour les familles en affaires. In so doing, the Centre preserves a legacy of experiences and resources – both financial and educational – while enriching it with the know-how and knowledge of HEC Montréal’s researchers and professors. For decades, all have contributed to the study of families in business by producing outstanding work.

Our priorities

The Centre’s goal is to become the leading referral centre for families in business as well as a hub for sharing, supporting and disseminating leading-edge material.

The Centre is intent on reaching out to business families from all regions by staging various activities, including online courses, webinars, and publications.

The associated knowledge transfer draws on several crucial elements. It is important to identify the knowledge and experiences that contribute to the growth of family businesses, present this information in a stimulating format tailored to the requirements of several generations, and disseminate it in such a way that it raises awareness of the opportunities available to families in business for purposes of ensuring their sustainability.


The mission of HEC Montreal’s Deschênes – Molson – Lesage – Family Business Centre is to raise awareness, support, train and assist families in business with the planning and succession process, as well as with governance and business development. The Centre will also promote networking with the objective of allowing business families to share their respective experiences.